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Mixing the old with the new. A way of life.

My travels around the world have taught me much, and Iā€™m about to start on the most exciting and terrifying new adventure of my life. I plan to begin living and working together with a community of friends for a life-long experiment in egalitarian living.

Our aim is to craft a manifesto and explore new ideas around hierarchy, ownership, healing, conflict resolution and decision making. We will mix our combined experiences of indigenous wisdom, crafts and skills to find ways of living respectfully, regeneratively and wildly with each other and the land we call home.

My uniques experiences have shown me human societies can coexist in vastly different ways, and some of these ways of being can be very balanced indeed. I feel sure that crafting a way of being that not only reduces our impact on the planet but prioritises the well-being of the future generations will bring about great rewards in health and happiness. I want to share this journey in all its joys and tribulations.

Furthermore, if we can find ways of sustaining ourselves locally and intimately, this can be a form of protest, which, if replicated elsewhere, could become incredibly powerful in its own right. I learned this from my time with the Mbendjele people of the Congo, and it is this which is at the heart of my latest film which I am working on now.

Adapting to a new way of being will not be easy and we will no doubt undergo some complex moments along the way. Much healing will be needed to tackle our deep seated traumas, readjust dreams and entitlements, and shift from our individual ideas of self to more universal and inclusive ones.

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We will soon be publishing our manifesto as an open source resource. Watch this space.